ADK Shindan – Marketing Solutions for Google Analytics and SEO Diagnosis

ADK Marketing Soluctions launched a new service called “ADK-Shindan”.  It offers Google Analytics and SEO analysis and technical audit by ADK Marketing Solutions.

From identifying the issues in the website to optimizing and improving the site.

Principle Co., Ltd (“Principle”), head quartered in Tokyo Japan, announced the release of the new service called “ADK – Shindan”, collaboration service with our partner, ADK Marketing Solutions Inc. (“ADK MS”). This service offers Google Analytics and SEO related technical audit and analysis.

Principle and ADK MS have concluded an agreement of capital alliance in June 2019.  This has enabled to reinforce structure to offer solutions of top-tier data visualizations, analysis, plan, and action to both of our clients.  

“ADK – Shindan”, the service we offer, it will assist to outperform the competitors in marketing activity by uncovering the task and delivering the solution for improvement as it visualizes website data, and analyzes the setup conditions of “Google Analytics”, an absolute necessary operational tool for many businesses.  

 “ADK – Shindan” service lineup 

1.Google Analytics diagnosis service

For companies who have already implemented “Google Analytics”, this is the service to check whether “Google Analytics” has been set up properly, and introduce what kind of setting need to be implemented.

We analyze the website’s tag implementation, view and property settings, ad-tracking integrations, and the impact from the collection of results by using our new diagnosis service which is made possible by Principle’s expertise.  

2. Analytics and Reporting Service with Google Analytics

For companies who have already implemented “Google Analytics”, this is the service to perform quantitative analysis based on “Google Analytics” and qualitative analysis based on user test.   Through our consultation, you will gain actionable insights and a full understanding of the website’s performance along with action items that need to be improved. 

Implement quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis based on “Google Analytics”

Image of GA Analytical Report Service

3.SEO Technical Audit service 

It is the service of analyzing the current website status from an SEO point of view and giving solutions to the issues from an SEO perspective and directions for improvement.

By implementing “ADK – Shindan”, there will be an improvement of overall website performance not to mention SEO and advanced strategic planning of digital advertisement. 

ADK MS will continue to meet the wide range of needs based on the trusted performance of engaging data and expertise.

About Principle Co., Ltd

Principle Co., Ltd is a global digital consulting firm with a mission “to empower people and businesses to make better decisions by connecting data with actions.” Underpinning our strength is the digital marketing service including digital marketing strategy, web ad, SEO, and analysis, and data acquisition platform service including BI tool implementation DMP build-out.

ADK Marketing Solutions Inc.

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