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We enable, integrate, and manage your marketing data

Managing your marketing data can be daunting, as connecting, blending, and maintaining data is a complex task for many companies.

As leaders in the digital analytics space, we are ready to get started with your marketing technology stack to unleash its data and gain actionable insights.

We are equipped to work with various technologies, including Tableau, Google Marketing Platforms for Enterprise, AWS, Facebook Ads, Marketo, Google Search Console, SalesForce, and many more.


We enable, integrate, and manage your BIG marketing data

We enable, integrate, and manage your BIG marketing data 

Marketing data comes in all shapes and sizes, and your company may not have the resources, infrastructure, or expertise to support the latest digital marketing capabilities. We do the hard work for you. 

We work with various databases, including Google BigQuery, to manage extensive datasets. We are experts in tag management and have helped many clients track the right data from their websites and mobile apps. By leveraging tag management solutions like Google Tag Manager, we help you track and collect the customer data you need to inform your marketing and growth strategies. 

As a Heap solution partner, we know how to enable industry-leading product analytics tools. We can integrate customer behavior data with your data warehouse for advanced analytics that optimize your customer and product experience.

Principle Data Management Agency Service

We deliver data management that makes marketing data actionable 

We believe proper data integration and management lead to excellent digital marketing execution. 

Strategy without action is useless, and action without strategy is a recipe for failure. We make sure the solutions in your marketing technology stack, like Google Analytics, are integrated with your AdTech tools, like Google Ads, so marketers can confidently run ad campaigns with high ROIs.

We work with various data sources

If your company is like most, you work with many data sources. Making sense of it all is easier said than done. We help you organize and unify the right data to draw out real, growth-driving insights. 

On average, marketers use more than 12 different tools, with some using over 31 to manage campaigns and related data*. This is a dizzying number to learn and manage daily. That’s why our clients come to us for help managing their marketing data to improve their performance and deliver genuine results.

Here are a few reasons why businesses choose to work with Principle

Dedicated Resources

Actionable Insights

Improved Customer KPI

Increased ROI

How long will it take to get results?

Business Intelligence (BI) project for building an ETL and data warehouse for multiple marketing data sources takes about two to three months. Depending on the number of sources, we can deliver a complete solution as quickly as one month.

What marketing technology platforms do you work with?

We work with the following common marketing technology platforms:

  • Analytics: Google Analytics and Heap
  • Tag management: Google Tag Manager
  • AdTech platforms: Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Criteo, and many more
  • CDP: Treasure Data and Tealium
  • CRO: Google Optimize, Optimizely, and VWO
  • CRM: SalesForce and HubSpot
  • Marketing Automation: Pardot, Marketo, Vbout, and many more
  • Database: Google BigQuery, Redshift, S3, MySQL, and SQL Server

We are tool-agnostic. Modern marketing technology tools are well-documented and aren’t closed systems. Please contact us so that we can learn more about your data needs.

Success Story


  • Every month, our client reduced at least three business days’ worth of marketers’ resources to compile their reports.  
  • Historical data and reporting logic is no longer a siloed practice or tribal knowledge.

Client challenges:  

  • A monthly franchise owner manually generated reports, which took several days to put together and distribute.
  • Multiple data sources were managed in flat files by a marketing team. 

Principle’s Solution: 

  • We designed a custom ETL process to ingest data from flat files and via an API from six different sources.

Web Analytics Data Integration DMP CDP

About Principle

Founded in 2011, Principle’s main office is in Tokyo, Japan. Our mission, “To connect data with actions for realizing a better tomorrow,” defines everything we do for our clients. 

Through the power of data, we help businesses of all sizes make better decisions. For the better part of a decade, we have helped global brands and Fortune 500 companies turn data into business intelligence and actionable insights they can use. 

We offer actionable and measurable data analytics to support each client’s marketing strategies to help deliver everything that their business needs to outperform the competition. 

We recruit independent professionals who have distinctive personalities, an established way of life, a unique skill set, and share our philosophy. With such colleagues, we believe that individuals and companies will grow together and achieve great quality and result in an unseen business world.

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