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Principle | Your Trusted Source for Data Analytics Consulting, Business Intelligence and Salesforce Expertise

Principle was founded as a one-stop shop for data analytics. Through our consulting services, top-tier applications and technical expertise, we can help your business optimize its data assets, make better decisions and work more efficiently.

Your data analytics journey begins with an initial consultation. From there, we will show you a custom strategy for building your data foundation and applying advanced analytics throughout your organization.


Data Analytics Consulting

Our data consulting services will help ensure that your business has the right tools and resources to mine data for predictive insights and decision support solutions.

Through our data analytics consulting services, Principle will:

  • Assess organizational needs, pain points and existing infrastructure.
  • Determine data deployment needs.
  • Develop advanced data analytics, migration and scalability plan.
  • Develop advanced analytics strategy for decision support.
  • Develop an organization-wide Data Management Platform.


Our Salesforce experts will show you how to integrate data analytics across multiple business functions. Through custom dashboards and visualization, Salesforce can help your business develop a central command center for CRM, sales, marketing, customer service and more.

We provide:

  • Full integration and support for Salesforce Einstein Analytics, including sales, services, IT and applications.
  • Full integration of multiple data sources with SalesForce.
  • Record a snapshot of all Salesforce data in Salesforce at the end of each day to allow you to visualize trends using key performance metrics.
  • Help you take reporting and data insights to a new level.


Principle will show you how to leverage the power of Tableau analytics for real-time business intelligence. Tableau connects to virtually any database, allowing you to prep custom data and create unique visualizations for your business.

Principle’s expert Tableau services provide:

  • Data discoveries for your business, including analytics and interactive visualization.
  • A data analytics strategy scaled for your entire enterprise.
  • Support for embedded analytics using Tableau Online, Desktop and Public services.

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