How Principle 2x Organic Search Traffic in 2 Months

Principle helped a media website for retail workers double their SEO traffic with AMP, and improved indexing for Google News.

Customer Challenges

  • The client lacked the resource and insights on SEO challenges along with priorities.
  • Growing mobile traffic, but the site is slow hindering their SEO performance.

Principle’s Approach

  • Used AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) to speed up the page load time on mobile.
  • Provided recommendations on setting up proper HTML markup, so that Search Engines can better understand the website structure.
  • Focused on indexing the content to rank high on Google News.
  • Analyzed Google Search Console data and generated hypotheses around keywords that drive higher traffic.  
  • Built a list of content based on the analysis that could drive more traffic to their website.

  • Used Google Search Console data to analyze the existing page and search queries.
  • Divided content in two strategic areas:
    • Flow type:  Season content where the consumer interests for the article may come and go.
    • Stock type:  Articles with long shelf life.  Content in areas of industry’s best practices, thought leadership, etc.
  • Further categorized content within the Stock type articles and used data to mark up high/low opportunity content potential.


  • Organic search traffic doubled after 2 months working with Principle’s SEO team.
  • Search ranking improved within 2 months, after publishing the recommended articles.
  • Mobile traffic increased significantly after deploying AMP. 

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