Voice of our Customers

Principle has worked with more than 200 clients since 2012.  

Our vision is to be a global leader of digital transformation. That said, we took this opportunity to reflect on our achievements, and surveyed our clients to obtain their feedback and confirm whether or not they were satisfied.



Our intent on sharing this survey results is to:

  1. Hold ourselves accountable to the service quality and the high standards we commit to.
  2. Sincerely accept the area of opportunities to improve, so that we can further evaluate and improve our service for our clients.
  3. By being transparent about these results, we hope to build our trust and authority in the communities we work with.

Overall Client Satisfaction

Over 70% of clients are satisfied with Principle’s service.  (n=66)

Principle Voice of Customer Survey

Principle rated high in our technical and creative approach to solving problems and bring recommendations to our clients.

We asked our clients to rate our level of skill set in the following four key abilities in serving our clients.  

Performance Improvements & Client Satisfaction

  • 2 out of 3 clients indicated improvements in their marketing performance.  

  • 60% of the clients attribute the improvements to Principle’s service and support. (n=66)

Principle Voice of Customer Client Performance Result


ADK Marketing Solutions Inc.

Naohiro Seike // Director, Digital Business Product Center

1. Why were you looking for a partner?

Our global brand clients evaluate not only online marketing, but they also recognize the need for omnichannel data-driven marketing, which includes offline purchasing behavior and CRM data.

We do have a data-driven marketing team to fit our clients’ needs. However, we thought we would be able to provide a true omnichannel data-driven marketing solution by combining our teams’ communication planning expertise with a partner with deep marketing technology, and data science experience. The partner that met our criteria was Principle.

2. Why did you choose Principle?

Principle has some of the best-known analysts in the data analytics industry. Besides possessing the expertise, we are looking for […] such as being an accredited Google Partner […] Principle was selected because it has a good track record of working with large organizations.

3. How about actually working together?

With Principle, we can propose and implement data-driven marketing strategies with more in-depth expertise. Likewise, with Principle’s data platforms, dashboards, and PDCA process, we’re able to improve customer performance and strengthen relationships with our customers.

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