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Principle’s analytics service supports the client’s marketing decisions with data and strives to meet the client’s need for speed and answer important business questions.

Many of the customers we’ve seen in the past have had some sort of problem with their Google Analytics environment.

For example, many of our clients have had problems such as “flawed or duplicate basic data, leading to incorrect conclusions in analysis” or “not capturing important data related to customer attraction and conversion,” resulting in an inadequate basis for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of existing tactics.

In order to develop data-based measures in the future, it is necessary to make improvements so that useful data is collected correctly from now on.


Our marketing analytics service gives you actionable insights

Principle will help track your marketing funnel’s performance. We provide recurring reporting and capabilities that supply marketers with data to answer important business questions.

We make sure client data is correct and actionable

We will take a look at your current settings and measured data and point out specific deficiencies and how to address them. In addition, we can objectively score the level of your data collection status based on our judgment criteria cultivated through years of support for Google Analytics usage. 

We work with multiple data sources

Principle provides analytics that can be customized to your business needs. Since no two businesses are alike, customization is essential. We offer special services to help you create a dashboard that is right for your company while working with multiple data sources:

  • Web Analytics
  • AdTech / Paid Media
  • Heatmap
  • Survey
  • Videos
  • POS Systems
  • CRM

Tableau & Data Studio

Principle will work with your existing infrastructure to help you maximize Tableau to the fullest. We will show you a custom strategy for data management, data visualization, and business analytics that can help you better understand customer trends and improve retention rates.

Principle’s Data Driven Approach & Services

Data enablement: Principle supports and enables marketing analytics so that accurate data is reported for analysis. 

Planning: We understand that execution without effective strategy and planning leads to poor results. We use data and insights to help design and plan marketing campaigns. 

Execution: We are a Google Ads Premier Partner and certified to work with various AdTech solutions. Those credentials and our track record working with global brands while meeting their goals and expectations helped Principle differentiate from other agencies. 

Optimization: Integrating offline retail and online e-commerce to assess and optimize marketing campaigns delivers positive results.

Principle's Data Driven Marketing Approach

What makes Principle different from other agencies?

  • Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Management, and Business Intelligence Expertise

  • We leverage the full impact of digital marketing by integrating online and offline data. 

  • Our solutions improve transparency and alignment across teams with a dashboard containing all relevant information in one place. 

  • Our team unifies data across all channels to build an omnichannel strategy and discover actionable insights. 

  • We are a team of technical marketers with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

  • We deliver business results, not just marketing metrics.

We have experience working with global brands

Reasons why businesses choose Principle

Dedicated Resources

Actionable Insights

Improved Customer KPI

Increased ROI

How long will it take to get results?

You can expect to see the planning phase completed within three weeks, and full deployment with Tag Manager in about one to two months, which includes reviewing the collected data.

What is the process of your Google Analytics Audit? 

1. You will need to share your Google Analytics account for diagnosis. 

2. Our Google Analytics experts will diagnose your Google Analytics account. We will prepare a diagnosis within ten business days. 

3. Our staff will provide you with a report of the diagnosis results.

Success Story: Analytics Support That Drove a 3x Lift in Transactions

Customer Challenges

Rich offline retail and online e-commerce data existed and the client wanted to explore ways to: 

  • Identify new marketing tactics and optimize existing digital advertising campaigns by leveraging these rich data sets.
  • Build a data foundation that would lead to an optimized digital campaign with a proven lift in sales.

Colorful Business Infographic elements for Online Shopping and E-Commerce concept.

Principle’s Approach

  • Principle integrated the offline retail customer profile with online data by stitching user clicks/touchpoints data to a user ID. 
  • Principle proposed and helped execute website enhancements to track and enable integrations. 
  • Principle built a reporting schema out of the data stored in TreasureData. 
  • Principle used Tableau to identify customer segments and extracted data to further enhance the activation and targeting in Google Ads.


  • Our client sustained a 3x YoY lift in transactions (4x lift in revenue) after optimizing the digital campaign ads targeting. 

  • Our client gained experience and a future plan to integrate offline and online data with the new foundation provided by Principle.

About Principle

Founded in 2011, Principle’s main office is in Tokyo, Japan. Our mission, “To connect data with actions for realizing a better tomorrow,” defines everything we do for our clients. 

Through the power of data, we help businesses of all sizes make better decisions. For the better part of a decade, we have helped global brands and Fortune 500 companies turn data into business intelligence and actionable insights they can use. 

We offer actionable and measurable data analytics to support each client’s marketing strategies to help deliver everything that their business needs to outperform the competition. 

We recruit independent professionals who have distinctive personalities, an established way of life, a unique skill set, and share our philosophy. With such colleagues, we believe that individuals and companies will grow together and achieve great quality and result in an unseen business world.

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