Data Visualization Services

Principle can bring your data to life and answer your most vital business questions

We are a leading Tableau partner, delivering intelligence and analytics solutions to large and small businesses across all industries. We work with Tableau and other BI platforms to help organizations identify and uncover actionable insights using their own data.

We deliver data visualization with Tableau

We collaborate with you to solve data challenges by identifying crucial and enlightening insights. We can work around your existing infrastructure, empowering you to leverage Tableau’s full potential.

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Tableau Dashboard Specialist Services

We evolve our service to support your strategy

Data dashboards and reporting are not one-off, set-and-forget engagements. Businesses are continually challenged by new questions and changed customer expectations. Agile and flexible in our approach, we are by your side through every iteration of your strategy.

We simplify complex data

We understand how to navigate multiple data sources, and our data visualization experts help you build meaningful reports and visualizations. Database technologies like Google BigQuery power our data visualizations.

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Tableau Certified Partner Principle

We’re a Tableau Certified Partner

We are proud to be a Tableau Certified Partner, helping global brands achieve their data visualization goals. Our team of Tableau experts builds custom dashboards that meet your unique needs.

Tableau Desktop

The “gold standard” of visual data analytics, Tableau Desktop is one of the most powerful BI products available. Tableau Desktop provides live visual analytics and the ability to connect to data on premise or in the cloud. Access and combine multiple data sets for deeper insights.

Tableau Online

Tableau Online provides all the sharing and collaboration features of a server without actually having to manage one. Tableau Online provides self-service analytics and access to interactive dashboards through the cloud.

Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep allows you to easily combine, shape and clean data for analysis. Consolidated views, fast results and the ability to connect multiple data sets make Tableau Prep a powerful product for businesses looking to take the guesswork out of data.

Tableau Server

Whether onsite or through the cloud, Tableau Server provides easy deployment, allowing you to share your data and dashboards across multiple departments.

Tableau Expertise for Every Need

Principle will work with your existing infrastructure to help you maximize Tableau to the fullest. We will show you a custom strategy for data management, data visualization and business analytics that can help you better understand customer trends and improve retention rates.

Don’t have Tableau? We offer a complete range of Tableau products at competitive prices to help you transform data into business intelligence.

We also work with Data Studio

As a Premier Google Partner, we also use Data Studio. We work with teams and companies of all sizes and ensure you have the right capabilities from day one, whatever stage of business you’re in.

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How long will it take to get results?

With a readily available, accurate, and clean data set, we can deliver a dashboard design in as little as one week.

What does your data visualization development process look like?

  1. Together with your dashboard users, we identify the key data you want to visualize, using your most important business questions as a guide. After examining the data, we determine the feasibility.
  2. Once we establish the data access, the data source is built in Tableau according to your requirements and data definitions. We create a mock-up and present it to the dashboard’s users. After we achieve alignment with your team, we schedule a period for you to evaluate the dashboard. We take your feedback on board and make your requested changes.
  3. We complete the final dashboard and deliver it to you. If you use Tableau Online or Server, your principal can publish dashboards and set up automatic update schedules to share data sources internally.

We have experience working with global brands

About Principle

Founded in 2011, Principle’s main office is in Tokyo, Japan. Our mission, “To connect data with actions for realizing a better tomorrow,” defines everything we do for our clients. 

Through the power of data, we help businesses of all sizes make better decisions. For the better part of a decade, we have helped global brands and Fortune 500 companies turn data into business intelligence and actionable insights they can use. 

We offer actionable and measurable data analytics to support each client’s marketing strategies to help deliver everything that their business needs to outperform the competition. 

We recruit independent professionals who have distinctive personalities, an established way of life, a unique skill set, and share our philosophy. With such colleagues, we believe that individuals and companies will grow together and achieve great quality and result in an unseen business world.

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