Principle is Proud to Announce our Partnership with Heap, a Product Analytics Platform

Principle is announcing our partnership with Heap, a California-based platform that provides analytics infrastructure to reduce the annoying parts of user analytics, to bring Heap’s comprehensive data collection and structured processes to the Japanese market.

As Heap’s first solution partner in Japan and only Japanese-language partner, Principle will provide Heap reporting and data visualization services to Product Managers of enterprises and brands in Japan, all with Japanese language support.

About Heap:

Heap, a data analytics tool platform, was founded in 2013 by CEO Matin Movassate, a Stanford University graduate and a former Facebook product manager. Currently used by more than 6,000 companies in the United States, Heap automatically collects all of the user activity data related to the “product” offered by the company, enabling Product Managers to understand their users better, make data-driven decisions, and create compelling digital experiences.

About Principle:

Founded in 2011 in Tokyo by CEO Ken Kusuyama and Co-Founder Kaz Kida, Principle supports digital transformation of customers based on data analytics. Supporting an extensive list of global brands and enterprises, Principle specializes in data analysis, data acquisition (including online and offline), data visualization and performance optimization to help clients make data-driven management decisions.

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