Success Stories

Client Challenges:

  • Needs to help consumers understand the product values while improving website experience to help them find the product with ease.
  • Needs to build consumer’s purchase intent online while making sure the effort leads to a sales transaction.

Our Approach:

  • Performed an SEO audit and identify areas to optimize the eCommerce site to be Search Engine friendly.
  • Using data, we optimized the website after identifying missed opportunities in keywords and website usability challenges.


  • The conversion rate increased by 71%.
  • Increase in customers with higher average order size.
  • Improved operational efficiency between analytics and web engineers.

Client Challenges:
Descente has rich offline retail and online eCommerce data and wants to explore ways to:

  • Identify new marketing tactics by leveraging these rich data sets.
  • Optimize existing digital advertising campaigns by integrating offline and online data.
  • Build a data foundation that leads to optimized digital campaign with proven lift in sales

Our Approach:

  • Integrated offline retail’s customer profile with online data by stitching user touchpoints data to user id.
  • Principle built a data warehouse that stores the data in one place using Treasure Data.
  • Used Tableau to identify customer segments and extracted data to further enhance targeting in Google Ads.
  • Proposed and helped execute website enhancements to track and enable integrations.


  • 3x YoY lift in transactions (4x lift in revenue) after optimizing the digital campaign ads targeting

Client Challenge:
The top priority for the online service that provides price comparison for both buyer and seller were looking for ways to increase repeat customers. Longtime users experience changing website experience that is far of different from the original service they started with.

Business is growing and needed digital marketing learnings and experience to scale across other group companies.

Our Approach:
Company-wide training performed by Principle, focused to address two objectives:

  1. To increase the conversion rate for membership signups,
  2. Improve optimization process to support business surpass existing KPI targets in the shortest time.

Built and help Aucfan adopt a playbook where new hires and existing marketers can make strategic business decisions using data and analytics.

Member signups grew by 1.5x.  Helped adopt new approach in using analytics and ptimization process to improve business performance.

Client Challenge:
Their website was performing and exceeded expectation. The growth was too good to be true, and they felt they could be missing the true potential of the business.

Our Approach:
Principle performed an audit by evaluating both quantitative and qualitative data. The audit resulted in a 90 page worth of detailed analysis and recommendations.

Analyzing the web analytics and qualitative data, recommendations included (not limited to) optimize pricing page to be more digestible, change the steps within the cart, reduce number of survey feedback, etc.

To effectively attract customers and improve marketing ROI, client invested in Paddle SEO. Through Paddle SEO, Principle identified the bottle necks within SEO, content, etc.

After three months of deploying Principle’s recommendations based on analytics, conversion rate increased by 10%.

Through Paddle SEO, CTR almost doubled from Organic Search. Overall Cost per Click on paid advertising also improved as overall cost performance was optimized.

EC store of a world-famous entertainment and amusement park

Online Shopping

Client Challenge:

  • Cost performance for Paid Search was not optimal.
  • Technical SEO deployment helped client’s SEO performance, but exposed opportunities to re-assess Paid Search campaigns as CPA was not at expectation.

Our Approach:

  • Used Principle’s Paddle SEO (analytics tool for SEO) and dug deep into total search coverage.
    • Principle team identified ineffective spend on Paid Search identified on high ranking and performing organic keywords.
    • Identified ineffective, expensive, competitive keywords to remove from the bid.
  • Executed new Paid Search strategies to improve ROAS based on the recommendations to bid on keywords that reach high paying customers.


  • Over 10% YoY traffic increase from Paid and Organic Search channels combined.
  • ROAS increased 10% from original rate
  • CPC decreased by 20% (From $20 to $16)

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