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Unleash your website’s full potential with our SEO Audit

Why is our traffic declining? How do we identify the root causes? Where do we begin to tackle the issues?

Many of our clients share these concerns. But even with the right strategy, they cannot effectively implement the optimization process: insufficient data, poor analysis, and a lack of actionable insights stand in the way.

The many SEO tools and metrics available at your fingertips are not always easy to digest, and knowing whether your SEO efforts are effective can be a challenge. We make things simple by ensuring you track and understand the right SEO data.

Our SEO Audit helps you identify big-win opportunities that allow your customer to find the information they’re searching for fast.

We conduct a full audit of your existing website and data

We check over 70 data points to uncover SEO issues that you can tackle immediately to boost your ranking and get in front of customers searching for you, your product, or your service.

We are big data analytics experts and have extensive SEO consulting experience. The first step in our process is diagnosing critical issues across your entire site. Example issues include inappropriate keyword strategies, unoptimized coverage, and inappropriate page elements (title, H1, etc.).

From there, we build a roadmap of actionable recommendations that address specific issues. Our recommendations are always based on the latest algorithms, technical knowledge, and best practices.

We enable the right SEO data

Many companies record key data, but few make full use of Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Paddle SEO is our all-in-one solution that collects, measures, and analyzes your data. Using Google Analytics and Google Search Console is not enough – Analytics does not show organic keywords, and Search Console lacks full data visibility.

Paddle SEO is a world-class technical SEO audit service that helps you overcome these limitations and challenges.

Our SEO audit approach

Technical SEO audit:

We analyze actual data from Google Search Console and access logs to improve crawlability. We ensure your site structure is easy for crawlers to visit and enables coverage by eliminating crawl errors. If these elements are the bottleneck, improving your site’s inflow is straightforward for our team.

On-page SEO and content quality:

We visualize incoming keywords for each page and organize and prioritize the keywords that drive search traffic by page group or type. We then propose a content optimization strategy.

Improving content can have a significant effect on traffic, but improvements take time.

That being said, if your site is suffering from a major problem with internal optimization, it may be possible to dramatically increase search traffic in a short period of time.

Either way, we leverage meaningful data to help you achieve superior SEO results.

What makes Principle different from other agencies?

  • Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Management, and Business Intelligence Expertise 
  • We create a 360-degree view by integrating online and offline data.
  • Our user-friendly dashboard ensures total transparency and enables alignment across teams. 
  • We properly unify data across all relevant channels to build an effective omnichannel strategy and uncover actional insights. 
  • We’re a team of technical marketers with an entrepreneurial spirit who are committed to creating tangible benefits. 
  • We deliver on business results, not just marketing metrics. 

How long will it take to get results?

Usually, we really start to see the needle move in three to five months. Improving organic traffic is not a fly by night type of campaign – it’s ongoing and takes time.

What does the SEO audit process look like?

  1. Strategy: Before the audit begins, our SEO consultants sit down with you to understand your business’s needs. We aim to align our strategy to your objectives and goals.
  2. SEO audit and analysis: With your help, we gain access to your data, typically via Google Search Console and Google Analytics. We then use other industry tools to complete your audit.
  3. Audit and review delivery: We provide our initial findings in an easy-to-understand report. After you act on our recommendations, we follow up with another analysis and report.

Success Story

How Principle achieved 2x organic search traffic in two months


  • Organic search traffic doubled after two months of working with our SEO team
  • After publishing the recommended articles, search ranking improved within two months
  • Mobile traffic increased significantly after deploying AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)

Customer challenges

  • Did not have access to the resources and insights needed to overcome their SEO challenges and could not prioritize their SEO issues
  • Mobile traffic was growing, but the site’s slow speed hindered its SEO performance

Principle’s approach

  • Used AMP to speed up the page load time on mobile
  • Provided recommendations on setting up proper HTML markup so that search engines could better understand the website’s structure
  • Focused on indexing content to rank highly on Google News
  • Analyzed Google Search Console data and generated hypotheses around keywords that drive higher traffic
  • Leveraged data analysis to build a list of content ideas that could drive more traffic to their website
  • Used Google Search Console data to analyze the existing pages and search queries
  • Divided content into two strategic areas:
    • Flow type: Seasonal content, where the consumers’ interest in the article will likely change throughout the year
    • Stock type: Articles with long shelf-life, including content covering industry best practices, thought leadership, etc.
  • Further categorized content within stock type articles and used data to mark up high- and low-opportunity content

The global brands we’ve worked with

Why choose Principle?

Dedicated Resources

Actionable Insights

Improved Customer KPI

Increased ROI

About Principle

Founded in 2011, Principle’s main office is in Tokyo, Japan. Our mission, “To connect data with actions for realizing a better tomorrow,” defines everything we do for our clients. 

Through the power of data, we help businesses of all sizes make better decisions. For the better part of a decade, we have helped global brands and Fortune 500 companies turn data into business intelligence and actionable insights they can use. 

We offer actionable and measurable data analytics to support each client’s marketing strategies to help deliver everything that their business needs to outperform the competition. 

We recruit independent professionals who have distinctive personalities, an established way of life, a unique skill set, and share our philosophy. With such colleagues, we believe that individuals and companies will grow together and achieve great quality and result in an unseen business world.

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