Analytics Support That Drove 3x Lift In Transactions

Here is how Principle optimized the client’s Google Ads performance with Offline & Online data using CDP.

Customer Challenges

Rich offline retail and online e-commerce data exists and the client wants to explore ways to:

  • Identify new marketing tactics and optimize existing digital advertising campaigns by leveraging these rich data sets
  • Want a data foundation that leads to optimized digital campaign with proven lift in sales

Principle’s Approach

  • Integrated offline retail’s customer profile with online data by stitching user clicks/touchpoints data to a user id. Proposed and helped execute website enhancements to track and enable integrations
  • Principle built a reporting schema out of the data stored in Treasure Data
  • Used Tableau to identify customer segment and extracted data to further enhance the activation and targeting in Google Ads

Online Data

Website behavior tracked using Google Analytics (gclid, EC Id) and membership data obtained from website integrated with TreasureData

Offline Data

Customer/POS Data collected on Retail Stores integrated with TreasureData

Analytics & Data Prep

  1. Used Tableau and queried TreasureData to obtain a list of gclid, conversion timestamp, and conversion amount.
  2. Principle further analyzed various user segments that are engaged, and further optimized the digital ads and experience.


This list from TreasureData is imported into Google Ads for offline conversion integration, enabling Google to have a view on true ROI.  This enables Google Ads optimized for improved ad targeting.


  • 3x YoY lift in transactions (4x lift in revenue) after optimizing the digital campaign ads targeting
  • Our client gained experience and future plan on using integrated offline and online with the new data foundation

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