E-commerce Ad Analytics Finding ROAS Using Tableau

Feature Image Webinar EC Analytics Finding ROAS Using Tableau with Ray Randall

About the webinar

Learn the process for connecting to transaction data, together with your advertising spend data, in order to calculate the return on ad spend (ROAS). We will use Tableau Prep to join various ad spend data sources together, integrate with revenue data from Google Analytics, and perform analysis in Tableau to find Ad Campaign ROAS. 




What you will learn in this 40 min webinar

  • Integrate disparate ad spend data with revenue data
  • Connect to integrated data in Tableau Desktop
  • Calculate Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Create charts using multiple data sources

About the host – Ray Randall

Ray is a Senior Tableau Consultant on the Business Intelligence Unit and is based in Tokyo Japan. Ray is a master level data visualization expert. His data engineering career starts from working at Tableau Software as a Sales Engineer. He supports many global enterprise data projects ranging from SEO, Paid Media, eCommerce, B2B, etc. Ray also created a self-guided Tableau learning program, and a near-weekly Tableau class, for employees to learn the business intelligence software at a rapid pace. He’s passionate about learning new technologies and skills.

Principle Employee - Ray Randall

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