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The 3 Mistakes Most eCommerce Brands Make With Google Analytics

Top 3 Major Google Analytics mistakes eCommerce Brands Make


Many marketers are aware of Google Analytics, but most don’t realize they are making critical mistakes with the tool.

  • 80% of marketers are using Google Analytics incorrectly. That means odds are, you are one of them.
  • Only 50% of eCommerce businesses are tracking the right conversions on their website.

As a Google Premier Partner, we’ve performed hundreds of audits and deployments for Google Analytics.  We’ve come across some serious issues and want to share the most common and critical issues we’ve seen when it comes to setting up Google Analytics for eCommerce websites.


 3 Major Mistakes Ecommerce Brands Make
 Impacts of not using User Id tracking
  Reasons to why duplicated pageviews occur
 Common mistakes with Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
 Example Google Analytics report that could be enabled
 Consequences of not addressing the issues
 Next steps for marketers to take