Principle can bring your data to life and answer important business questions

As a leading Tableau partner, Principle provides business intelligence and analytics solutions to businesses of all sizes and every industry. We work with Tableau and other BI platforms to help organizations reveal actionable insights using their very own data.


Data visualization with Tableau

Principle will collaborate with you to solving data challenges by identifying insights from data. We’re able to work with your existing infrastructure to you maximize Tableau to its fullest.

We’ll continue to evolve our service with your strategy

Data dashboards and reporting are not a one-off engagement. Businesses are constantly challenged with new questions, and Principle is there to work with you.

We make complex data simple

We deal with multiple data sources and our data visualizations are powered by database technologies like Google BigQuery. Our data visualization experts will work with clients to build meaning reports and visualization

We’re a Tableau Certified Partner

We are proud to be a Tableau Certified Partner, helping global brands with their Data Visualization needs.  Our team of Tableau experts builds custom dashboards that meets our client’s needs.

Tableau Desktop

The “gold standard” of visual data analytics, Tableau Desktop is one of the most powerful BI products available. Tableau Desktop provides live visual analytics and the ability to connect to data on premise or in the cloud. Access and combine multiple data sets for deeper insights.

Tableau Online

Tableau Online provides all the sharing and collaboration features of a server without actually having to manage one. Tableau Online provides self-service analytics and access to interactive dashboards through the cloud.

Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep allows you to easily combine, shape and clean data for analysis. Consolidated views, fast results and the ability to connect multiple data sets make Tableau Prep a powerful product for businesses looking to take the guesswork out of data.

Tableau Server

Whether onsite or through the cloud, Tableau Server provides easy deployment, allowing you to share your data and dashboards across multiple departments.

Tableau Expertise for Every Need

Principle will work with your existing infrastructure to help you maximize Tableau to the fullest. We will show you a custom strategy for data management, data visualization and business analytics that can help you better understand customer trends and improve retention rates.

Don’t have Tableau? We offer a complete range of Tableau products at competitive prices to help you transform data into business intelligence.

We also work with Data Studio

As a Primier Google Partner, we will work with Data Studio as well. We can work with different sizes of teams or companies and make sure we’re starting with the right capabilities for clients in various business stages.

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