We will integrate and manage your marketing data

Managing your marketing data could be daunting. Joining, blending data, and to maintain may not be an easy task for many companies.

As a leader in digital analytics company, we’re ready to work with your marketing technology stack and unleash its data to gain actionable insights.

We have experience working with various technologies including Tableau, Google Marketing Platforms for Enterprise, AWS, Facebook Ads, Marketo, Google Search Console, SalesForce, and many more.


Good data practice starts with good data collection

We’re an expert in tag management. We’ve helped many clients tracking the right data from their website. Using Google Tag Manager, we’ll help you track and collect the right customer data from your website. We’ll customize the tag manager’s implementation to meet how your website operates.

We work with BIG Data

Marketing data comes in all sizes, and companies may not have resources and infrastructure to support the latest digital marketing capabilities.

We work with various databases including Google BigQuery to help manage very large datasets.

Making Data Actionable

Principle believes strategy without action is nothing, and action without strategy is not the best. We’ll make sure your marketing technology stack like Google Analytics is integrated with Google Ads so that marketers can confidently execute.

We believe proper data integration and data management will lead to a good digital marketing execution.

We work with various data sources

Most clients work with many data sources and would love to make sense of all it. First thing first, Principle can help brands organize and unify the right data.

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