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Report, monitor and analyze your marketing efforts with Principle data analytics.

Online marketing has opened up many doors for organizations looking to build brand awareness and attract a large following. With vast options to choose from, managers are constantly looking for the best strategies to minimize cost and accelerate time to value. Principle makes it easy for managers to analyze their marketing metrics and arrive at an accurate conclusion concerning their strategy. We provide custom data analytics, automation and reporting software that provide deeper insights for agencies looking to rein in spending and boost ROI.

Streamline your marketing efforts with Principle:

Integrate: Combine your Google Analytics, Adwords, social media and other marketing platforms in one place.

Automate: Combine, shape and clean data in just a few clicks to save hours of manual work each and every week.

Report: Create custom reports, templates and visualizations on demand.

Insight: Leverage our suite of business intelligence solutions to make more informed decisions about your target market.

Principle has delivered data analytics services to some of the world’s leading consulting firms and advertising agencies:

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