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B2B Marketer’s Guide to Attribution

How to enable the attribution data you already have.

B2B Marketer's Guide to Attribution

3 in 4 marketers are not confident they can quantify marketing ROI, according to Nielsen research. This result is not surprising because many B2B marketers don’t have attribution capabilities because of each channel owners are working in silos.

B2B Marketer’s are not adopting attribution, research shows:
  • Roughly 60% of B2B marketers are not using a multi-touch attribution model.
  • About 28% of B2B marketers don’t even have an attribution model.

We would like to share how you can enable the attribution data you already have using Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Tableau.

The E-Book has 37 pages of content with over 5,500 words, with valuable insights.


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