FREE Digital Campaign Audit

Get a customized list of opportunities and action items to improve your paid campaign performance, no commitment required.

Through working with leading brands like Adidas, Coach and Red Bull, we know the importance of leveraging data to improve campaign performance. Our in-house experts will show you exactly where your campaigns are underperforming, and the steps needed to optimize performance and increase the value of your marketing dollars.

Many digital marketing campaigns have significant upside potential.  However, many marketers never audit their campaigns, or take a deep look into what is happening with the campaigns.  We’re here to help.

Why is this audit beneficial to me? 

We find many companies and agencies are not properly leveraging data to obtain optimal campaign performance.

Our free campaign audit will dive into your data to highlight areas that may be lacking. Without knowing opportunities to improve, you will always be missing out on improved performance.

What is the audit?   

Our comprehensive audit includes checking over 30 data points and identify areas of opportunity to maximize your ROI.  When the audit is complete, we’ll share the full report with opportunities and specific action items.

How long does it take?

1 to 2 weeks

How much does it cost?   


What access do you need?   

Read-only access to your AdTech tools

Is there a catch?  

No.  If everything looks good in your campaign, we’ll tell you.  If there’s an opportunity to improve, we’ll show you what actions need to be taken.



What does the Audit Cover?

  • Full funnel performance metrics: Impressions, Response, Conversions, CPA, CPA, AOV, etc.
  • Spend Structure: Channel & Platform Spend Distribution
  • Account Structure: Campaign & Ad Group Organization
  • Account Settings: Dayparting, Ad Rotation, Distribution, Geotargeting
  • Bidding Strategy: ROI vs. Position
  • Keyword Strategy: Match Type, Depth, QS, Search Query Reports
  • Ad Copy Creative:  Continuity, Testing, Differentiation, CTA, Automation
  • Landing Page:  Continuity, Design for Conversion, Engagement, Conversions
  • Tracking: Conversion tracking, GA Usage
  • Display Campaigns: Placement, Ad Formats, Multivariate Ad Testing
  • Remarketing Campaigns:  Audiences & Conversions
  • Social Campaigns:  Placement Targeting, Audience Targeting Expansion, Campaign Budgets, Video Strategy

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