Principle enables your analytics to grow business and revenue

We support decisions with data and strive to meet the client’s need for speed to answer important business questions. Principle’s quality of decision making and improvements to support work efficiency are a reflection of how we and businesses operate in the current information age.


Marketing Challenges Cycle

Growth of Data-Driven Marketing – What Marketers Are Saying

  • 87% – Feel data is the most underutilized asset at their organization
  • 50% – Consider integrating data across platforms a critical challenge.
  • 33% – Say having the right technologies for data collection and analysis is key to understanding customers
  • 54% – Say their biggest challenge to data-driven marketing success is the lack of data quality and completeness

Marketers are facing more data challenges

Telling the story with data while managing data across various platforms is common marketing data challenges.

Marketers are struggling with tools, technology, data, and analytics to measure ROI, effectiveness, and attribution.

Principle is ready to help marketers with data, and manage marketing technology platforms.

About Principle

As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, Principle has demonstrated the expertise in advanced marketing analytics and the ability to apply these learnings across the funnel to make measurable impacts in our client’s marketing performance.

Our team of 80+ employees includes experts across Analytics, Paid Marketing, SEO, and Data Visualization, which means our clients can truly call themselves “data-driven”.

Principle Marketing Strategy

We work with a variety of MarTech platforms

Principle provides analytics that can be customized to your business needs. Since no two businesses are alike, customization is essential. We offer special services to help you create a dashboard that is right for your company while working with multiple data sources and marketing technology platforms.

Marketing Technology Stacks

Our Track Record

Boosting CPA, Conversion Rate, and ROI on media spend for the world’s largest brands

We Help Clients Build Data Visualization With Tableau

Principle will work with your existing infrastructure to help you maximize Tableau to the fullest. We will show you a custom strategy for data management, data visualization and business analytics that can help you better understand customer trends and improve retention rates.

Check out our Principle Tableau Public page for some examples

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