Unify marketing data across organization to improve lead generation and increase revenue

We support decisions with data and strive to meet the client’s need for speed to answer important business questions. Principle’s quality of decision making and improvements to support work efficiency are a reflection of how we and businesses operate in the current information age.


B2B Marketers are facing more data challenges

Managing data and taking actions quickly while sharing insights across business areas are common B2B marketing data challenges.

  • Lots of data coming in, no ability to manage or take action
  • Many teams contributing, no way to track attribution
  • Lack of defined shared metrics

The B2B marketing machine of the future could look like this

  • Consistent methodology and process of objectives, data, KPIs, and revenue goals across departments
  • No silos, integrated visualization where all teams can view data across mediums in comparable ways
  • Ability to measure ROI effectiveness, and attribution across channels
  • Ability to use complex performance data to adjust tactics and increase acquisition

Principle is ready to help marketers with data, and manage marketing technology platforms.

Principle combines technology and strategy to help you drive lead generation and increase ROI

Principle helps you transform Salesforce data into business intelligence you can actually use

  • WIth a rapid deployment plan and low cost, Principle’s Salesforce analytics service can be deployed in your business in as little as two weeks.
  • Principle ingrates Salesforce with your sales target data to help you better identify and follow-up with leads and build relationships that count.
  • Salesforce data reflects the current state of your business. The challenge is that, when data is updated in Salesforce, the old data is lost. It’s difficult to track changes in metrics using Salesforce alone.
  • Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, Principle provides the tools to explore data from all sources easily and in real time. Our scalability features ensure that your Salesforce data can accommodate virtually any size company.
  • Principle provides you with executive overview dashboards that can be customized for your business. Since no two businesses are alike, customization is essential. We offer special services to help you create a dashboard that is right for your company.

Boosting CPA, Conversion Rate, and ROI on media spend

Data Visualization With Tableau

Principle will work with your existing infrastructure to help you maximize Tableau to the fullest. We will show you a custom strategy for data management, data visualization and business analytics that can help you better understand customer trends and improve retention rates.

We work with multiple data sources

Principle provides analytics that can be customized to your business needs. Since no two businesses are alike, customization is essential. We offer special services to help you create a dashboard that is right for your company while working with multiple data sources:

  • Web Analytics
  • AdTech / Paid Media
  • Heatmap
  • Survey
  • Videos
  • POS Systems
  • CRM

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