Ray Randall

Tableau Consultant, BI unit, Data Management Team


About Ray

Ray is a Senior Tableau Consultant on the Business Intelligence Unit. He is based in the Tokyo headquarters, where he works with internal and external clients to develop reports and analytics. Ray also created a self-guided Tableau learning program, and a near-weekly Tableau class, for employees to learn the business intelligence software at a rapid pace. He’s passionate about learning new technologies and skills; he is always learning something new. 

Tell us about your early days working at Principle!

My early days at Principle coincided with my early days living in Japan. I moved to Tokyo in March 2018 and started a Principle just a few weeks later. They were exciting times for me as I was learning how to navigate a new country, new culture, and new language while also learning much about the advertising business. Back then, I worked to primarily support any PPC or SEO projects involving Tableau. Since then, we’ve started a Business Intelligence Unit, where we work with external clients providing any kind of analytics, like e-commerce, not just PPC or SEO.

And what did you do before that?

Before Principle, I worked at Tableau as a Solutions Engineer.  I was with the company to see it grow from a 400-person, relatively unknown company in Seattle to a 4000-person globally recognized software company. I worked on many large technical sales to some of the largest healthcare companies in the US, held several hands-on teaching sessions at the annual Tableau Conference, and helped to develop parts of the Tableau Server Professional Certification exam. Working at Tableau was an amazing opportunity and experience and helped me get to where I am today.

Looking back after these three years, what has been your biggest accomplishment at Principle?

My goal has always been to help others improve their analytical skills, so I think my biggest accomplishment was developing a Tableau Learning curriculum and near-weekly Tableau learning class. I believe knowing how to analyze and understand data empowers people to understand the world around them. It helps ensure our time and efforts are wisely spent and that we are always creating value from our work. Helping others to do that is a true pleasure.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

My free time is spent exploring and learning. Tokyo is a very large and cultural-rich city. Around the city, I enjoy visiting gardens, finding new restaurants and cafes, and riding my bicycle. Occasionally, I’ll take the train outside of the city for a hike in the mountains. A lot of my free time is also spent studying Japanese! There’s a lot to learn!


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