Mu Kojakorn Pojthanamas

Tableau Consultant, BI unit, Data Management Team


Could you please tell us about yourself and what you do at Principle?

I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I moved to Tokyo for my MBA degree in 2016. Last year, I joined Principle Tokyo Office as a Tableau consultant. Time flies here!

Tell us about your early days working at Principle!

I would say it is challenging. I also remembered a cultural shock at the company. In a good way, of course. At that time, I was in the engineering team. It was not that hard for me to manually complete the tasks. Still, my teams put a lot of effort into making things happen; for example, auto-scheduled messages, auto-generated reporting. But, once I had experienced such convenience, I could never look back to those days without them. I guess that was one of the very first manifestations of culture at Principle: Never stop challenging. My teammates never stop learning. So, it is a great push for me. 

And what did you do before that?

I was a tax consultant at KPMG Thailand. I worked with many Japanese MNE clients in Thailand. Then, I decided I want to explore more on business in Japan. I moved to Tokyo for my MBA degree at Waseda. At Waseda, I met my classmate and, later, she introduced me to Principle! 

So looking back after these years, what has been your biggest accomplishment at Principle?

Joining a Tableau competition. At Principle, we have a Tableau competition where we invite clients, third parties to join this event. Data set will be given prior to the event so we have to come up with designs and prepare how to visualize data using Tableau. 

At that time, I had experiences using Tableau for 3-4 months, I took my chance to compete with other tableau veterans. I was awarded for a runner up but, to me, that was one of my first accomplishments. I still remembered the thrill on that day. People could see what I was doing on my screen under a time constraint. A lot of pressure. But it was fun that I can practice my skills and know what I should improve. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like arts. One of the good things about living in Japan is that there are so many art museums, exhibitions, and unique architecture installations for you to enjoy almost everywhere. So, I have been traveling just to cross out my bucket artsy lists in these recent years. 

Some places I visited are so close to where I live like Yayoi Kusuma Museum. It was also fun to get to see her famous dotted pumpkins and other pieces in Kagawa, and Matsumoto which is her hometown. Some require so many transfers to reach. But I really enjoyed the journeys, and of course the destinations. 

My recent trip was when I visited Principle Office in Osaka. Then, I extended my stay on weekends to travel to Miho Museum in Shiga. It was designed by world-renowned architect I. M. Pei, the same person who designed The Musée du Louvre in Paris, isn’t it interesting!


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