Eris Xu

Data Analysis Engineer, Data Management Team – Solution Division


About Eris

Born in China, study abroad at Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) from 2009. Join in Principle in 2016 after 3 years internship. Start my career as a Data Analytics Engineer, now mainly working as a BI Consultant. 

Could you share your early days working at Principle?

I joined Principle in 2013 as an internship, there were only a few (less than 10) people then. Now we have around 100 employees! Principle grows so fast!

My story with Principle actually starts with an interesting misunderstanding. I applied for the internship because I thought  Principle was a company selling Japanese handmade products, which later I found out is only 5% of their business. 

I had no experience in web marketing and data analytics, but after 3 years of internship, I started to have general ideas about web marketing, and how to analyzing marketing results, consumer behavior using google analytics. Now after another 4 years career, I can provide data management and business intelligence best practices for our clients.

And what did you do before that?

Principle is my first company, before that, I was a student at the Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda University. I majored in international management, studied marketing, cross-cultural leadership, and management.

Looking back after these three years, what has been your biggest accomplishment at Principle?

My biggest accomplishment is the proactiveness to keep challenging new fields. I started my career as a data analytics engineer with no experience. Thanks to my colleagues and education provided in Principle, which allows me to challenge from zero. There are many talented people in Principle, and they are willing to share, so there is always a chance to learn new things and follow the latest trends.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like traveling, explore food, and participate in sports. I started going to a boxing gym called b-monster from last year. It was a lot of fun and became popular among  Principlers as well. I even created a dashboard tracking who went to the gym the most.  That was fun! Haha.

Anything to share including a nice photo off work?

First-time I flew in a helicopter, a fun experience at Cairns:

Principle Employee Eris Xu